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Civil Matters in Denver

If you are a party to a civil matter in the Denver County Court, please read. Important information to follow.


Due to Covid-19, the Court has moved to a virtual courtroom platform where parties can address their case. Parties should not appear in person. Parties who are not represented by counsel may call in on the date/time for the Summons Return to 720-600-4350. Enter Conference ID Number: 177 756 212#. You will hear an Oral Advisement. Alternatively, you can link to video here: Please review this Notice in detail for further instructions and an explanation of important deadlines.

The Plaintiff has initiated a civil lawsuit against the Defendant seeking Possession of Property and/or Money. A Summons Return Date and time has been set with the Court; this is the first court appearance in this civil case.

Options for Pro Se Parties (parties without attorneys):

  1. Written Stipulation: The parties are strongly encouraged to speak prior to the Summons Return Date to see if a written Stipulation (agreement) can be reached to resolve the case. Contact information for the opposing party/their attorney is on the Complaint. Blank Stipulation forms are on the Court’s website. Written Stipulations must be filed with the Court. If the Stipulation resolves all issues, the court date will be vacated.
  2. Answer: If the Defendant disputes the claim, they must file a written Answer on or before the Summons Return Date at 5:00 pm. A blank Answer form should be attached to the Summons and Complaint paperwork provided to Defendant or may be found on the Court’s website.
    a. The Answer form must be filled out completely and set forth a legal defense to the claim.
    b. There is a fee to file an Answer (and Counterclaim). If you cannot afford to pay the fee, there is a Waiver Form available on the Court’s website or in Room 135.
    c. Upon timely filing of an Answer, court staff will contact both sides to set future proceedings.
  3. Default Judgment: If a Defendant does not file an Answer on or before the date listed in the Summons, the Court may enter a judgment against them for the relief in the Complaint, which is a Possession Judgment (Eviction) and/or a Money Judgment.

Methods to file documents with the Court:

  1. Send documents by email to the following address:
  2. For Answers, a clerk will contact you to have you pay the filing fee or seek a waiver of the fee.
  3. Send documents by US Mail at least three days prior to the summons return date to: Denver County Court, 1437 Bannock Street, Room 135, Denver, CO 80202. Please do not send cash. Check website for the appropriate filing fee.
  4. If an attorney is filing the document, the Attorney may utilize the Denver County Court Civil E-filing system.
  5. Drop off documents at 1437 Bannock Street, Room 135, Denver, CO 80202. Due to social distancing, this is not the preferred method, but it is available to those who choose it.

IMPORTANT: All documents submitted to the Court must include case number and signatures, printed names, current phone numbers, mail and email addresses of all persons/attorneys submitting the document.


Denver County Court Self Help Center
Phone: 720-865-7819

Denver Human Services Outreach Case Coordinator:
Tim Townsend 720-471-5744
Denver Human Services Website
Eviction assistance, Emergency Shelter, Medical/Food/Financial assistance, etc.

Colorado Legal Services: 303-837-1313 or 1321
Free legal services to tenants facing evictions for those who qualify.

For more information, visit the Court’s website at:
Denver County Court Forms:

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