Denver County Court

Accessibility Report

Digital Accessibility – Progress to Date Report: Pursuant to HB24-1454

Project Title:

Government Website Accessibility Enhancement

Project Overview:

The Denver County court maintains a strong commitment to removing barriers from access to justice and is committed to ensuring that all of our public facing websites are accessible to individuals with disabilities in accordance with House Bill HB21-1110, House Bill HB24-1454 extended that websites and services conform the WCAG2.1AA standard by July 1st, 2024; and HB24-1454 extended that date to July 1st, 2025 provided a good faith effort was being shown, and documented via a progress to date report, which must be posted on the first page of public facing websites and updated quarterly.

The project involves auditing, remediating and enhancing digital content and functionality accross all of the Denver County Court’s public facing websites. As a coequal independent branch of government, the Denver County Court’s websites are separate and distinct from websites operated by the City & county of Denver.

This “progress to date report” and the quarterly updates made to the report as required by HB24-1454 prior to the July 1st, 2025 “go-live” date are the only official reports and other reports which may be issued by the City & County of Denver do not apply to the Denver County Court.

Project Complexity:

  1. Difficulty: Moderate – (Requires informal project plan.)
  2. Resources: Heavy – (Mostly human resource needs. Some software requirements.)
  3. Time: Moderate – (Downgraded to slight with HB24-1454.)
  4. Budget: N/A

Challenges and Mitigations:

  1. Other legislative priorities for 2024 requiring developer involvement
  2. Urgent need to prioritize replacement of legacy programs that utilize programming language no longer supported;
  3. Notification of engagement conference for City and County of Denver IT risk audit

Project Objectives and status of Progress to Date:

  1. Review HB21-1100, WCAG 2.1AA in their entirety by key members of the Court’s executive leadership and supervisory team; – Completed
  2. Review Department of Justice (DOJ)requirements regarding WCAG 2.1AA and government operated public facing websites; – Completed
  3. Review state judicial and the City and County of Denver’s technology services documents, trainings, proposed best practices, etc. on topic – Completed
  4. Identify areas needing improvement and plan sequencing and assigned staff for making those improvements; – Completed
  5. Draft and make ready for posting the Denver County Court’s policy statement for digital accessibility; – Completed
  6. Create feedback channel for public to submit suggestions for modification or enhancements to our public facing websites; – Completed
  7. Perform comprehensive review and analysis of consisting of more than 400 individual web pages and several hundred forms; and the court’s more recently created public portal at; – Completed
  8. Review prior testing audit results performed by human participants with real life disabilities (visual, auditory and physical) as performed on in June 2018; – Completed
  9. Review prior testing audit results performed by software as performed in June 2018; – Completed
  10. Purchase more modern and enhanced website template with a more robust WCAG 2.1AA compliant theme, and begin development of new/improved public facing website; – Completed
  11. Review color contrasts for compliance and make corrections where necessary; – Completed & Continuous
  12. Review to visual navigation indicators via navigation using keyboard (tab button); – Completed & Continuous
  13. Ensure public facing websites are adaptable to portrait or landscape view as well as mobile friendly views – Completed
  14. Review current online documents and forms to determine necessity, compliance needs or general deletion from websites; – In Progress
  15. Review of text and font with corrections where necessary; – Completed & Continuous
  16. Review resizing of text excluding captions and images, up to 200% without loss of content or functionality; – Completed
  17. Review of alternative text on all non-exempted images, graphics, logos, etc. with corrections where necessary; – In Progress & Continuous
  18. Ensuring indicators/alt text appears for input purposes (e.g. input boxes/fields state ‘search’, etc.); – In Progress & Continuous
  19. Ensuring captioning is active on all videos and in the language in which the video is provided (i.e. advisement video in English will be captioned in English, advisement video in Spanish will be captioned in Spanish); – In Progress & Pending Final Review
  20. Review websites to ensure compliance with ‘time-out’ requirements; – Pending
  21. Review websites to ensure compliance with no flashing content exceeding 3 flashes per second – Completed
  22. Review web page titles for purpose; – Completed
  23. Draft and post on first page of Denver County Court’s public facing websites, the Digital Accessibility Progress-To-Date report prior to July 1, 2024 as required by HB24-1454; – Complete
    1. Provide the required quarterly update to the Digital Accessibility Progress-To-Date report on or before October 1st, 2024; – Future Date
    2. Provide the required quarterly update to the Digital Accessibility Progress-To-Date report on or before January 1, 2025; – Future Date
    3. Provide the required quarterly update to the Digital Accessibility Progress-To-Date report on or before April 1, 2025; – Future Date
    4. Provide the final required quarterly update to the Digital Accessibility Progress-To-Date report on or before July 1, 2025 and make any necessary changes; – Future Date
  24. Implement necessary enhancements, changes, and remediations to ensure compliance with WCAG 2.1 AA standards; – In Progress & Continuous
    1. Although not required, where possible without an expanded level of effort, implement necessary enhancements, changes, and remediations to the WCAG 2.1 AAA compliance level; – In Progress & Continuous
  25. Create process for ensuring proper vetting of future website enhancements or additions to ensure continued compliance; – Pending
  26. Conduct a comprehensive software based accessibility audit of all Denver County Court’s public facing websites; – Pending
  27. Conduct a comprehensive human based accessibility audit of all Denver County Court’s public facing websites utilizing where possible persons with visual, auditory, motor and cognitive disabilities; – Pending
  28. Establish a process for ongoing accessibility monitoring and maintenance; – Pending
  29. Review to ensure programmatically identifying human language of each page (e.g. specify page as English language in code where necessary); – Pending
  30. Review of hover and focus actions for compliance; – Pending
  31. Review of abbreviations and acronyms for ability to easily identify their meaning; – Pending
  32. Review of error detection and recommendations provided to rectify (e.g. ‘error message: you may only enter numbers in the telephone number field’); – Pending
  33. Perform full legal, financial, and data error detection; – Pending
  34. Review of ‘help’ functions; – Pending
  35. Perform comprehensive software based compliance testing; – Pending
  36. Perform comprehensive human testing via persons with disabilities; – Pending
  37. Create checklist guide and documentation for future enhancements, maintenance and changes to websites; – Pending
  38. Determine, create and implement ongoing compliance monitoring and maintenance plan; – Pending


The Denver County Court has made significant progress towards achieving compliance with Colorado HB21-1110 and is on-track to meet the initial July 1, 2024 deadline specified in HB21-1110. Additionally, the passage of HB24-1454 enables the court to expand where needed additional reviews and remediations for compliance with WCAG 2.1AA.

The continued focus on accessibility guidelines by the court helps us in fulfilling our mission, removing barriers to access to justice and will ensure that our public facing websites remain and are accessible to all.