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Civil Fees


Complaint ($0-$999) $85.00
Complaint ($1000-$14999)  $105.00
Complaint ($15000-$25000) $135.00
Verified Complaint/Motion for Protection Order $85.00
Petition for Change of Name $88.00
Petition for Change of Name w/Certification Fees $148.00
Answer – $0-$999 (w/o Counterclaim) $80.00
Answer – $1000-$14999 (w/o Counterclaim) $100.00
Answer – $15000-$25000 (w/o Counterclaim) $130.00
Answer w/Counterclaim ($0-$999) $84.00
Answer w/Counterclaim ($1000-$14999) $104.00
Answer w/Counterclaim ($15000-$25000) $134.00
Foreign Judgment $166.00
Jury Demand $98.00


Certificate of Dismissal $20.00
Certificate of Satisfaction  $20.00
Certification Fee $20.00
Certified Mail $15.00
Contempt Citation $70.00
Copies (per page) $0.75
Transcript of Judgment $25.00
Writ of Attachment $65.00
Writ of Garnishment $45.00

Small Claims Fees

Click here for information about Small Claims fees

Colorado Revised Statute §13-16-103 provides for an indigent person to proceed without payment of costs, at the discretion of the judge. Click here for important information regarding waiver of fees in the Civil Division.