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Denver County Court strives to foster a positive work environment where employees enjoy their work. Working for Denver County Court gives you valuable experience with a progressive organization that has the largest caseload in the State of Colorado. Our goal is to administer justice fairly, efficiently and effectively, and provide excellent customer service to all who come before the Court. County Court employees take great pride in the work they perform.

The City and County of Denver offers a competitive total compensation pack,age to include, a defined benefit retirement plan.


Denver County Court Judges are appointed through a merit selection process by a bipartisan nominating commission which interviews candidates and makes a recommendation to the Mayor of Denver. The Mayor appoints a Judge from the recommended nominees to serve a provisional two-year term. After the two year provisional term, the Judges must stand for retention election to serve a full four year term and then face retention elections every four years.

The qualifications to be a Judge in Denver County Court are outlined in Section 4.1.1 of the Denver City Charter. “Each County Judge shall be a qualified elector of the City and County of Denver, be licensed as an attorney at law in the State of Colorado, and have a minimum of five years’ experience as a licensed practicing attorney.”

Denver County Court Judges must retire at the end of the term during which they reach age 72.

We are currently accepting applications for Judicial positions at this time.


Denver County Court Magistrates are appointed and supervised by the Presiding Judge.  There are four full-time Magistrates and a number of part-time Magistrates that preside over arraignment sessions, and hear protection order cases, small claims cases, traffic cases, municipal ordinance violations and limited state statute cases.

We are currently accepting applications for Magistrate positions at this time.


There is a great demand for certified court interpreters in Colorado. Court interpreting is a very demanding job that requires complete fluency in both English and a second language. The level of expertise required for this profession is far greater than that required for everyday bilingual conversation. The interpreter must be able to handle the widest range of language terms that might be presented in court, everything from specialized legal and technical terminology to street slang. Most people do not have full command of all registers of both English and a second language and, therefore, require special training to acquire it. Interpreters must proficiently perform the three major types of court interpreting to include: sight interpreting; consecutive interpreting, and simultaneous interpreting.

To become a certified interpreter in Colorado, you must successfully complete five things in the following order:

  1. Attend a 2-day court interpreter orientation that covers interpreter ethics, protocol and the three types of interpretation used in the courtroom;
  2. Pass a written exam covering vocabulary, criminal procedure and court interpreter ethics with a score of 80% or better;
  3. Pass all three portions of the Consortium for State Court Interpreter Certification oral exam with a score of 70% or better on each section;
  4. Undergo a background check investigation;
  5. Sign oaths promising to comply with the Colorado Judicial Department’s Code of Professional Responsibility for Court Interpreters, and with the Colorado Continuing Education Requirements, when applicable. Several other documents will need to be completed and signed before you may work for Denver County Court or the Colorado Judicial Department.

Learn more about Colorado’s court interpreter certification process and how to become an interpreter.


The Denver County Court Probation Department has a limited number of internships available at any given time. The selection process is competitive. Interns will be assigned to certain bureaus of the department and learn about all aspects of probation from intake, conducting pre-sentence investigations, supervision, and court hearings. Interns may be given projects or special assignments to assist Probation Officers, Judicial Assistants, or the Victim Advocate. For more information about internship opportunities please contact Probation Officer Supervisor Teri Cueva at 720-913-8356 or by email at

Internships are unpaid.