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Electronic Filing System – Enhancement (Criminal, Municipal & Traffic)

Pursuant to our commitment to procedural fairness, Denver County Court is dedicated to providing equal access to all information necessary to attorneys in order to effectively represent members of our community. Towards this goal, Denver County Court is actively working on creating a criminal e-court filing system, requiring a tremendous amount of work on the part of our IT crew. System roll out for the first phase of e-court filing for criminal cases is slated for December, 2020. If you wish to pre-register for the Denver County Court criminal e-court filing system, please see instructions below. This will save you time once the system is up for the first phase (view only access). In the meantime, counsel may enter their appearance, and gain access to all information in the court file by utilizing the procedure below.

Case Number and Division Assignments:

If you are an attorney and searching for the case number and/or division assignment for your client, please call 720-337-0410 and a clerk will assist you. In this way, attorneys will not need to pay for this information by using the search feature on Once you have obtained the case number, you will be able to look up future court dates online. You may also call the number above to request the future court dates.

Entry of Appearance and Access to Information in the Case:

Until the time that Denver County Court has rolled out phase one of its criminal e-court system, please forward your Entry of Appearance by emailing Counsel must still forward a copy of the Entry of Appearance to the District Attorney’s Office/City Attorney’s Office.

Make sure to include a valid email on your Entry of Appearance. Please include the Defendant’s name, case number and next court date in the subject line. Upon receipt, Denver County Court will send a confirmation email to the attorney that the Entry of Appearance has been received.  Attached to this confirmation email will be all documents contained in the court file, as well as a copy of the registry of actions which will include the minutes entered into the case.

PLEASE NOTE: Although Denver County Court strives to process your Entry of Appearance as soon as possible, due to COVID related staff restrictions, you should allow 7-14 days for your Entry of Appearance to be processed. If your court date is less than 14 days out, please contact the division directly via email.

Courtroom / Division Judicial Officer Courtroom Email
3A – Criminal Judge Nicole Rodarte
3B – Criminal Judge Clarisse Gonzales
3C – Criminal Judge Judith Smith
3D – Criminal Judge Kerri Lombardi
3E – Criminal Judge Olympia Fay
3F – Criminal Judge Michelle Martinez
3G – Municipal Judge Isabel Pallares
3H – Municipal Judge Andre Rudolph
4A – Municipal Judge Barry Schwartz
4B – Municipal Judge Gary Jackson
4C – Criminal (PH) Judge Frances Simonet
4F – Arraignments Magistrate Arnie Beckman

Pre-registration for Criminal eFiling (View Only) in Denver County Court:

The Denver County Court will launch an enhancement to our current electronic filing system to include view access for Criminal, Municipal (General Sessions) and Traffic cases on December 1st, 2020. This first phase will provide view access to the following case information data:

  • Case Information: General, Status, Judicial Officer
  • Register of Actions (ROA): Actions, Minutes, Action Dispositions
  • Case Schedule: Future Court Dates, Hearing Status, Courtroom Assignment
  • Gallery: Documents Scanned into Case

The first phase will only allow access to attorneys who have entered on the case. Additionally, if registered as a law firm with multiple attorneys, all attorneys in the firm will have access to view the case. Filing into Criminal, Municipal and Traffic cases is currently in development, the Denver County Court will communicate deployment schedules as they become available.

Pre-registration for phase one access to case information (Case Info, ROA, Minutes, Schedule & Gallery Documents) via the Denver County Court eFiling system is now available. Please follow the instructions below for registration:


Please navigate to to register your Organization. Complete the form and populate your information for Organization Administrator, Billing Contact & Authorizing Attorney. PLEASE NOTE: You may duplicate the information for these roles by using the check boxes for “same as Administrator”.

Once submitted, your registration information will be reviewed by Denver County Court personnel. Once approved your organization will receive an email to complete your registration by establishing your password.

Once your password has been established you may login at

TIP: Use the “Quick Search” feature to find your Criminal, Municipal and Traffic cases. You may search by Case Number, Attorney Name / Bar Number, or by Party / Business name.