Denver County Court

No Proof of Insurance

If the Court location on your ticket is 1437 Bannock, Room 135, the only violation marked on your ticket is §42-4-1409(1)(2)(3) C.R.S., No Proof of Insurance AND your vehicle was insured on the date and time of the violation, you may submit a Request for Online No Insurance Violation Dismissal.  The Court will only consider requests submitted at least 2 business days prior to your scheduled court date, all other online requests to dismiss electronically cannot be considered.

Please read and complete the following information.

I hereby submit this Motion for Request for No Insurance Violation Dismissal.  I understand:

1)  No Proof of Insurance §42-4-1409(1)(2)(3) C.R.S. is the only violation marked on my ticket and I am the registered owner of the vehicle;

2)  I have a right to contest the charge alleged against me and depending upon the type of charge, I am entitled to have a trial or final hearing;

3)  I understand it is my responsibility to confirm whether or not my ticket has been dismissed before my scheduled court date.  The City and County of Denver (City) is not obligated to dismiss my ticket if the insurance was not valid or if the status of my insurance cannot be verified.  If the City Attorney does not dismiss my ticket, I understand that I must appear in Court on the or before the scheduled court date on my ticket.  Furthermore, I agree to keep the Court up-to-date with my current address, phone number and email address;

4)  If I make a Request for No Insurance Violation Dismissal less than 2 business days prior to my court date, I understand the court will not consider my request, and I am obligated to appear at my scheduled court date and if I do not appear additional fines and costs may be assessed and failure to appear in this instance could result in a bench warrant;

5)  If there is a current active warrant on my case, I understand I cannot submit a Request for No Insurance Violation Dismissal.

No Insurance Violation Dismissal

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