Denver County Court

Filing a Complaint Against a Judge or Magistrate



 Scope of Commission Authority

The Denver County Court Judicial Discipline Commission has authority to review the conduct of a Judge or, if requested by the Presiding Judge, a Magistrate of the County Court of the City and County of Denver.  However, it is not a court of law and cannot review the legal or factual aspects of a Judge’s or Magistrate’s decision.  The validity of a Judge’s or Magistrate’s decision can only be challenged through the appellate process.  If you wish to file an appeal, you should do so without waiting to hear from the Commission.  The filing of a complaint with the Commission does not extend the time to file an appeal.  Furthermore, a pending complaint has no effect on any sentence, fines, fees or costs assessed by the court.

Requirement of Confidentiality

The Denver Charter mandates this to be confidential process. Therefore, all complaints, related attachments, and the proceedings shall be privileged and confidential. A complaint will not be disclosed to the Judge or Magistrate unless a formal investigation is commenced.


The information on the form should by typed, printed or handwritten as neatly and legibly as possible.

The ‘General Allegations” are the legal grounds for the Commission’s investigation.  Check the applicable box or boxes under this section that relate to your complaint.  The allegations are explained below:

  • Willful misconduct in office is an intentional act by a Judge or Magistrate that brings the judicial office into disrepute or that is prejudicial to the administration of justice. It may relate to judicial duties or personal behavior.
  • Willful or persistent failure to perform judicial duties may include the incompetent performance of judicial duties.
  • Intemperance includes extreme or immoderate personal conduct, recurring loss of temper or control, abuse of alcohol, or the use of illegal narcotics or dangerous drugs.
  • A violation of the Colorado Code of Judicial Conduct includes discourtesy, delay in decision-making, prejudice, conflicts of interest, and inappropriate political activities.
  • A disability interfering with the performance of judicial duties refers to a physical or mental condition that is or is likely to become permanent.

Your “Statement of Facts” should describe the specific acts or events that caused you to believe the Judge or Magistrate may be guilty of misconduct or have a disability.  Make sure you include the date, and the place of this activity, and attach any documents that may support your allegations(s). All correspondence must be marked “CONFIDENTIAL”.

Please download the complaint form here, and be as informative as possible. You may submit it via email to, or you may return the printed forms to the City & County Building, located at 1437 Bannock St. Room 108, Denver, CO 80202. You may also mail them to this same address.

Send the original complaint form and all attachments by email to: or mail to:

Denver County Court Judicial Discipline Commission

City and County Building

1437 Bannock Street, Room 108

Denver, CO  80202


If you need additional information, call the Presiding Judge’s office at 720-865-7870.