Denver County Court

Posting Bond


Bond cannot be posted for someone until their fingerprints have been cleared through the Denver Police Department, and they have been fully booked into jail.

Individuals who are not in jail, but have an active Denver County Court warrant for their arrest may be eligible for a ‘walk-through’ bond.  If the violations are eligible for a bond, or have a bond amount already set, you may be given a future court date without being arrested by posting the bond at the Bonding Office.

  • Some cases may also eligible to have the warrant vacated and a new court date set, without posting a bond, upon payment of a $100 warrant cancellation fee. These payments are not collected in the Bonding Office, please click here for additional information on warrant cancellations.
  • Please contact the Bonding Office to see if you are eligible for a walk-through bond 720-337-0062.

Upon final disposition of a case, a bond may be ordered to be released.  All bond refund checks are mailed to the surety upon the bond release.

  • The court may first take money from the bond towards payment of any outstanding fines and costs. If the bond is more than you owe, the difference will be refunded by mail. If the bond is less, you must pay the difference.
  • If you used a Bail Bond Agent or other type of professional bond, the bond is not applied to fines and costs.

If a bond is posted and the defendant fails to appear on their court date, the bond will be forfeited and a new warrant will be issued for the defendant’s arrest.