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Denver County Court

Local Rules


On December 19, 1995, the Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court approved Local Rules for the County Court of the City and County of Denver.

These rules shall govern the administration and procedure of the Denver County Court where not otherwise specifically provided by statute, rules of the Colorado Supreme Court, or the charter and ordinances of the City and County of Denver.  These rules are intended to provide for the efficient administration and just determination of all Denver County Court matters and cases.  They shall be construed to secure fairness in administration and simplicity in procedure.  If there should be any conflict between these rules and rules heretofore or hereafter issued by the Colorado Supreme Court, the Supreme Court rules shall govern.

The Local Rules are:


Rule 1 – Assignment of Judicial Business

Rule 2 – Term of Court

Rule 3 – Presiding Judge

Rule 4 – En Banc Sessions

Rule 5 – Adoption and Amendment of Rules

Rule 6 – Matters Taken Under Advisement

Rule 7 – Setting Aside Judgment, Decree or Order

Rule 8 – Magistrates


Rule 9 – Scope and Purpose

Rule 10 – Application

Rule 11 – Definitions

Rule 12 – Commencement of Action

Rule 13 – Payment Before Appearance

Rule 14 – First Hearing

Rule 15 – Discovery

Rule 16 – Subpoena

Rule 17 – Dismissal Before Final Hearing

Rule 18 – Final Hearing

Rule 19 – Judgment After Final Hearing

Rule 20 – Post Hearing Motions and Appeal

Rule 21 – Venue

Rule 22 – Continuances

Rule 23 – Default

Rule 24 – Effective Date

Rule 25 – Title

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