Denver County Court

Access To Records

The disclosure of court records is governed by Colorado State Statutes, Denver Revised Municipal Code, case law, and Chief Justice Directive 05-01  . Certain information is confidential and cannot be disclosed. Official actions, such as the disposition of a case, sentence, and judicial orders are public record. Case information can be viewed online. Copies of case documents can be requested in person or by mail.

The Court will not create specialized reports or statistics. The Court does not have the resources to fill these requests.


Pre-Sentence Investigation Reports cannot be released.

All Police Reports, Motor Vehicle Records, Criminal History Information from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) cannot be released by the Court. You must get this information directly from the Police Department, Motor Vehicle, or CBI.

Documents from cases involving a juvenile defendant can only be released to certain individuals who must appear in person and provide photo identification.

To get copies of court documents you can: