Denver County Court

Media Information


Members of the media desiring access to the courthouses with cameras or other recording devices are required to present a valid media credential or other valid photo identification with a business card at the security checkpoint. With a valid media credential, cameras are permitted and may be used only in the main hallways of the courthouses located at 1437 Bannock Street and 520 W. Colfax Avenue. Please see additional restrictions regarding photography and recording in court facilities. Photography and Recording


Cameras or audio recording devices are not allowed in courtrooms without the express consent of the Court.

Colorado Court Rule No. 3, Chapter 38: Public Access to Records and Information governs expanded media coverage, and spells out strict standards and the steps necessary to gain approval.

Expanded media coverage means any photography or audio recordings of any trial, hearing, or any other matter held in open court which the public is entitled to attend.

There are several points in the Rule of particular note:

  • A written request   for expanded media coverage must be submitted to the Judge at least one day before expanded media coverage is requested to begin, unless a longer or shorter time is required or permitted by the Judge.
  • Copies of the request shall be given to each party, or counsel for each party participating in the proceeding.  Copies must be provided to the Public Defender and the District Attorney or City Attorney.
  • The request must include a description of the pooling arrangements, including the identity of the designated representatives.
  • Any party or witness may file with the Judge a written objection to expanded coverage of all or a portion of a proceeding.