Denver County Court

Requesting a Transcript


To request a transcript you must complete a Transcript Request Form online.

NOTE: If you are appealing your case, you will need to follow the procedures outlined in the Appeal Section of this site to request a transcript.

Your transcript request will be assigned to the next available transcriber. The assigned transcriber will review the length of the hearing(s) you requested and calculate an approximate cost. The cost is based on $3.60 per page. There may be other fees, such as a minimum fee for small transcripts or a record search fee. You must pay the quoted amount directly to the transcriber. Once the money is received, the transcriber will complete the transcript(s).

Copies of transcripts are $1.35 per page.

NOTE: Denver County Court receives a large volume of transcript requests and backlogs frequently occur. The transcribers work diligently to produce transcripts as timely as possible. To check on the progress of your transcript, you must contact the transcriber assigned to your request.