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An accurate record of all court proceedings is an essential requirement of due process of law and is required by Article VI and Article II, Section 25 of the Colorado Constitution.

Denver County Court proceedings are recorded by digital recording equipment. All recordings are kept for two years, unless the case is under appeal. Recordings on cases under appeal are kept until all appeal proceedings are concluded.

Denver County Court employs one full-time Senior Transcriptionist and several contract transcriptionists to produce the large volume of transcript requests received each year. The Senior Transcriptionist is responsible for monitoring the timeliness of the transcription of the record, delegating work to the contract transcriptionists, assuring compliance with formatting requirements outlined in the Chief Justice Directive 05-03, and preserving the audio record and notes according to the Denver County Court Retention Schedule.


To request a transcript you must complete a Transcript Request Form online.

NOTE: If you are appealing your case, you will need to follow the procedures outlined in the Appeal Section of this website to request a transcript.

Your transcript request will be assigned to the next available transcriber. The assigned transcriber will review the length of the hearing(s) you requested and calculate an approximate cost. The cost is based on $3.60 per page. There may be other fees, such as a minimum fee for small transcripts or a record search fee. You must pay the quoted amount directly to the transcriber. Once the money is received, the transcriber will complete the transcript(s).

Copies of transcripts are $1.35 per page.


Copies of digital recordings may only be purchased for small claims appeal purposes at a cost of $35. For all other cases, only signed and certified transcripts by authorized transcriptionists shall be used as the official records of court proceedings per Chief Justice Directive 05-03.

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