Denver County Court

Appeal Bond

An appeal bond is not the same as an appearance bond.  Appeal bonds are posted when a person requests that a higher court review a decision made by a lower court.  Denver County Court cases are appealed to the Denver District Court.  Appeals are not new cases, and the bond does not serve as a promise to appear.  The purpose of the appeal bond serves to ensure that while the appeal is in progress, the payment of fines, costs, damages, restitution, rent or other items on civil and criminal matters is preserved should the ruling or sentence be upheld.   If you lose your appeal, the appeal bond may be applied towards these costs.  If you win your appeal, the appeal bond may be refunded (this does not include professional bonds).

  • Appeal bonds can be posted in all of the same ways as appearance bonds;
  • All appeal bonds require the following three things: 1.) an appeal bond amount has been set by the court; 2.) a completed bond authorization form has been processed by the Appeals Clerk; and 3.) a Notice of Appeal has been filed by the defendant, indicating that the case is being appealed.
  • The best way to contact the Appeals Clerk is by email at:  You may also contact the Appeals Clerk by telephone at: 720-865-7842