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Denver County Court

Judicial Nomination Commission

Filling of Vacancies

There is hereby created a Denver County Court Judicial Nomination Commission, established for the purpose of presenting nominations to the Mayor of persons for appointment to fill vacancies occurring on the Bench of the County Court of the City and County of Denver.

The Judicial Nomination Commission shall be composed of seven voting members, plus as an ex-officio member in a nonvoting advisory capacity, the Presiding Judge of the County Court of the City and County of Denver.

Additional information on the Appointment, Retention and Succession of Judges may be found in Article IV – County Court of the Revised Municipal Code of the City and County of Denver, Colorado.

Members of the Judicial Nomination Commission 

Name Email Affiliation Attorney
Michelle DeVoe DEM Attorney
Francesca Cheroutes

DEM Attorney
Jack Finlaw

Unaffiliated Attorney
Janice Sinden Unaffiliated Non-Attorney
Nicole Frazier REP Non-Attorney
Simon Tafoya DEM Non-Attorney
Molly Urbina DEM Non-Attorney
Presiding Judge Spahn Ex-Officio