Denver County Court



11.1  The following definitions shall apply in these rules:

  1. Answer” means a defendant’s admission or denial of guilt or liability.
  2. Charging document” means the document commencing or initiating the infraction matter, whether denoted as a complaint, summons and complaint, citation, penalty assessment notice, or other document charging the person with the commission of an infraction or infractions.
  3. Defendant” means any person charged with the commission of an infraction, including but not limited to the following terms used in the implementing legislation:  “cited person,” “cited party,” “individual,” “person charged with a violation,” “violator,” or “accused.”
  4. Docket fee” means a fee assessed according to the provisions of section 14-40, D.R.M.C.
  5. Judgment” means the admission of guilt or liability for any infraction, the entry of judgment of guilt or liability, or the entry of default judgment against any person for the commission of an infraction.
  6. Officer” means a law enforcement agent who makes the allegation in a charging document under these rules.
  7. Penalty” means a fine pursuant to the chapter of the Denver Revised Municipal Code defining the infraction.
  8. Magistrate” means any person appointed as a magistrate under section 14-108, D.R.M.C. and any Judge acting as a Magistrate to hear infractions.