Denver County Court

Judgment After Final Hearing


19.1   If all elements of an infraction are proven beyond a reasonable doubt, the magistrate shall find the defendant guilty or liable and enter appropriate judgment.

19.2   If any element of an infraction is not proven beyond a reasonable doubt, the magistrate shall dismis the charge and enter appropriate judgment, provided, however that the Magistrate may find the defendant guilty or liable for a lesser included infraction, if based on the evidence offered, and enter appropriate judgment.

19.3   If the defendant is found guilty or liable, the Magistrate shall assess the appropriate penalty and the docket fee, and any additional costs authorized by law.

19.4   The judgment shall be satisfied upon payment to the clerk of the total amount assessed as set forth above.

19.5   If the defendant fails to satisy the judgment in the time allowed, such failure shall be treated as a default under as provided in Rule 23.  The provisions of Rules 23.4 and 23.5 shall apply to a default under this rule.