Denver County Court

Payment Before Appearance


13.1   The Clerk of Court shall accept payment of a penalty assessment notice and a docket fee by a defendant without an appearance before a magistrate, if payment is made within the period ending not less than 10 days before the date of next hearing set out in the penalty assessment notice.

13.2   At the time of payment, the defendant shall sign a waiver of rights and acknowledgment of guilt or liability form, substantially conforming to Form A in the appendix of these rules.

13.3   This procedure shall constitute an entry and satisfaction of judgment.

13.4   If the defendant denies the allegations and establishes a Final Hearing as provided in Rule 14.7 but decides, before the Final Hearing that the defendant wishes to admit the allegations, the clerk may accept payment as provided in the preceding subsections above, and the clerk shall notify the officers and any witnesses subpoenaed at the officer’s request.  The defendant shall be responsible for notifying any witnesses subpoenaed at the defendant’s request.