Denver County Court

Unresolved RTD Tickets

If you fail to pay your RTD ticket or come to court to dispute the ticket, a number of things could happen:

  • A default judgment will enter on the case.
  • A $30 OJW fee and a hold will be placed on your driver’s license by the Department of Motor Vehicle resulting in the inability to renew or obtain your license and/or cancelling of your driver’s license.
  • A $50 failure to appear or pay penalty will be assessed.
  • Your wages may be garnished for failure to pay.
  • Your case will be referred to a collection agency.
  • Your credit rating could be negatively impacted if you fail to pay your fines and fees on time.
  • For tickets issued prior to June 8, 2012, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

To verify the status of your case, you may access the court’s online case information.