Denver County Court

Details of Your Record

To determine what is on your Colorado criminal record you can contact the Colorado Bureau of Investigation at and read about how to get criminal history information.

If you want information about a Denver County Court case, you can contact the Court at (720) 865-7800. If you are inquiring about your juvenile case, you must go to the Clerk’s Office at 520 W. Colfax Avenue, Room 160, because information regarding a juvenile case is confidential and can only be released to authorized individuals.


Arrest: To take into custody by legal authority.

Acquitted: The finding of not guilty by a Judge or jury.

Expunged: A juvenile record that is sealed from public access.

May: In legal terms, “may is defined as “optional” or “can.”

Petition: A document that starts the expungement or sealing of records process.

Petitioner: The person filing a Petition.

Sealed Record: A record closed by a court to further inspection by the public unless there is a court order to permit inspection.

Shall: In legal terms, “shall” is defined as “required.”