Denver County Court


Safehouses for Women (address is confidential) and 24-hour Crisis Lines

Alternatives to Family Violence (24 hour line)
(45 day stay for women and children who are victims of domestic violence) 
Arising Hope/Adams 303-280-3180
Brandon Center/Denver
(30-90 day case management program Shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic violence) 
Gateway Battered Women’s Services/Arapahoe (accepts pets) 303-343-1851
Women in Crisis/Jefferson (30 day stay) 303-420-6752

Emergency Housing and Housing Assistance (address is not confidential)

Access Housing/Adams
(30 day stay for families Must be 18, 30-40 day wait)
Adams County Housing Authority 303-227-2075
Catholic Worker 303-296-6390
Colorado Coalition for the Homeless 303-293-2217
Comitis Crisis Center
(90 day stay, 12 beds for ages 12-17, 8 beds for adults, families, children, must work or be in school)
Community Housing Services/Denver 303-831-1750
Delores Projects
(overnight shelter for up to 50 single women, 18 and over)
Denver County Housing Authority 720-932-3000
Denver Rescue Mission (emergency shelter for men) 303-294-0157
Empowerment Program
(women living with mental illness, HIV/AIDS, and/or disability as a result of long-term substance abuse)
Family Homestead/Denver
(must have at least one child under age 18)
Gemini House/Lakewood (shelter for teens) 303-235-0630
Growing Home Interfaith Family Shelter
(shelter for families in Adams and N. Jeffco counties, rotating congregation host sites)
House of Hope/Arapahoe County
(90 shelter for women and their children)
Interfaith Hospitality Network
(shelter for homeless families in the Metro area)
Jeffco Action Center (Jefferson County residents only) 303-237-7704
Joshua Station
(90 day stay for families, must be working within 30 days of arrival) 
New Genesis (shelter for single men) 303-831-4910
Sacred Heart House/Denver 303-296-6686
Salvation Army Crossroads Shelter (for single men) 303-298-1028
Samaritan House (Catholic Charities) 303-294-0241
The Providence House 303-860-8404
Urban Peak (services for clients 14-24 years old) 303-974-2900

Transitional Housing

Access housing – Adams County
(2 & 5 year programs, have Section 8, must be working or in school)
Champa House (*requires church attendance)
(1-2 year program w/case management for women with kids on or eligible for TANF)
Colorado Homeless Families
(18 month-2 year program for families, Residents must go to school or work)
Decatur Place Mercy Housing – Denver
(2 year program for single parent (male or female) families, residents must go to work and/or school & have income to move in) 
Family Homestead
(6 month program for single & 2 parent families)
Family Tree Housing – Brookview –Jefferson County
(2 year case managed program, rent based on income)
Family Tree Youth Transition Program – Jefferson County
(2 year program for families headed by youth ages 18-24)
Growing Home – Westminster
(up to 2 year housing for families to work and/or school)
Hope House – Arvada
(2.5 year program for 16-21 year old mothers, Church attendance required, High School degree required)
Joshua Station
(12 month stay after 90 day assessment for single & 2 parent families)
Joy House
(2 year program for women & children leaving DV situations, Case Management, Bible Study & Life Skills)
New Genesis (for single parents, men and women) 303-831-4910
Providence House I – Denver
(6-24 month program for single adults without children, services men & women battling substance abuse issues, Bible study, life skills, must attend orientation) 
Renaissance Blue Spruce Townhomes – Denver
(up to 2 year program, *must have referral from Colorado Coalition for the Homeless)
Renaissance at Concord Plaza – Lakewood
(up to 2 year program, one site Child Care * must have referral from Colorado Coalition for the Homeless)
Renaissance at Loretto Heights – Englewood
(up to 2 year program, priority for residents in Arapahoe County, *must have referral from Colorado Coalition for the Homeless) 
Renaissance at Lowry Boulevard – Denver
(up to 2 year program, *must have referral from Colorado Coalition for the Homeless)
Step 13 303-295-7837
Transitional Living Program (Volunteers of America)
(for youth 16-24 with no children, 18 month program, must work or attend school)
Warren Village
(2 year program w/case management for single parents)
Youth Transitions Projects (Volunteers of America)
(for youth ages 16-24 with no children, 18 month program)

Maternity, Pregnancy & Single Mother Homes & Centers in Metro Denver

Bridgeway – Lakewood
(18 month program for pregnant women or young mothers ages 16-21) 
Hope House of Colorado – Arvada
(2 year program for 16-21 year old single mothers – not maternity home)
New Beginnings – A home for Mothers
(housing for 1 year following delivery for women ages 16 and up)
Young Mother’s Program (Volunteers of America)
(for single mothers ages 16-24, TANF recipients, must attend parenting classes, must work or be in school)


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