Denver County Court

Victim Information

Victims have the right to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect throughout the criminal justice process. Probation recognizes that victims of crimes have the right to be informed, present, and/or heard.

If you are a victim of a case that has been sentenced to Denver County Court Probation and would like to receive notifications throughout the probation term you must contact the Victim Advocate. Once a request has been made, the victim will receive notification of the critical stages of the defendant’s probation term. For further information regarding victim’s rights, notification, or referral to resources, please contact the Victim Advocate Sophia Inda at 720-913-8372 or email

If the case is being prosecuted by a City Attorney you can contact their Victim Resource Program at (720) 913-8020.

If the case is being prosecuted by a District Attorney you can contact a Victim Advocate by calling (720) 913-9000.

Information on getting a civil protection order can be found in the Protection Order section of this website. Project Safeguard can assist you with the required paperwork

For more information for victims:

The services at the Rose Andom Center can provide assistance in the immediate aftermath of an abusive incident, and/or as an ongoing resource to address longer-term needs and issues. For more information and services go to or call 720-337-4400.

Denver Police Department “Your Rights as a Victim of Crime”    brochure

Denver Police Department Victim Assistance Unit – (720) 913-6035

Center for Trauma & Resilience

Victim Services Network

Safe House

Victim Compensation – (720) 913-9253

See a comprehensive list of Resource contacts.