Denver County Court

Victim Information

The Constitution of the State of Colorado and the laws of the state guarantee certain rights to victims of crimes. Denver County Court Probation recognizes that victims have the right to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect throughout the criminal justice process. Victims of crimes also have the right to be informed, present, and heard at critical stages of a probationer’s sentence.

If you are a victim of a case that has been sentenced to Denver County Court Probation and would like to enroll to receive notifications from probation, please contact the Victim Advocate. Once enrolled to receive notifications, you will receive notifications of all the critical stages of the defendant’s probation term. To learn more about the Colorado Victim Rights Act and the critical stages of a case sentenced to probation, please visit this resource provided by the Colorado Department of Public Safety.

For further information regarding your rights, victim notifications, or the case for which you are the listed victim, please contact the Victim Advocate, at (720) 913-8372 or email The Victim Advocate is also available to provide referrals to support and resources appropriate to your needs and situation.

Additional information and assistance:
• For information on Civil Protection Orders access the Protection Order page. Project Safeguard, an organization offering free legal services to survivors of violence, can assist you with the required paperwork. Visit or call (720) 618-3482 to receive more information.
• For needs related to domestic violence, please contact the Rose Andom Center. The Rose Andom Center is a family justice center able to connect victims to services such as counseling, legal services, advocacy, case management, housing resources, medical services, and more. To receive these services, contact their office at (720) 337-4400 or access their website at
• For financial assistance with costs directly related to a crime you are the victim of, you may be eligible to apply for Crime Victims Compensation. You can learn more about the program at or call (720) 913-9253.

Denver cases not sentenced to probation with our office:
• If you are in immediate danger, do not hesitate to call ‘911’ or your local law enforcement agency.
• For information on a police report filed with the Denver Police Department, contact the Denver Police Department Victim Assistance Unit at (720) 913-6035.
• For cases being prosecuted by the City Attorney’s Office, contact their Victim Resource Program at (720) 913-8020.
• For cases being prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office, contact a Victim Advocate at (720) 913-9000.
• For cases sentenced to Denver Adult Probation (state-level cases), contact Victim Service Officer, Wellesley Bush, at or Victim Service Officer, Andrea Paolucci, at