Denver County Court

After Arraignment

Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse

Defendants charged with more serious traffic matters are scheduled to appear at the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse and the following information pertains to those cases:

If a defendant pleads not guilty, the case is scheduled for a Disposition Hearing and a Trial date.

In between the Arraignment and Disposition Hearing, the prosecution and defense exchange information.  This is called “discovery.”

Serious traffic matters are prosecuted by the District Attorney.  To receive discovery, call the District Attorney’s Office at (720) 913-9001 to make a request.  For more information go to the District Attorney site.

Each side can file Motions, including Motions to Dismiss the case or to prevent evidence from being used at Trial.

At the Disposition Hearing the Judge and lawyers may talk about how the case can be resolved without going to Trial.  The defendant can change his or her plea to guilty or no contest.

City and County Building

For cases scheduled at 1437 Bannock Street, the following information pertains.

If the defendant pleads not guilty, a Final Hearing or Trial will be set.  A Final Hearing is set for traffic infractions.  Traffic offenses are set for either a Court Trial or a Jury Trial.

Officer notes, police reports, or other items considered to be discovery are not available on traffic infraction cases until the time of Final Hearing pursuant to Denver Rules for Non-Criminal Infractions Rule 15 and the Colorado Rules for Traffic Infractions Rule 8.

Discovery can be requested prior to a Court Trial or Jury Trial for traffic offense cases.  You can receive discovery online or in person from the City Attorney’s Office.  For more information refer to the City Attorney site.