Denver County Court


Sentencing occurs either after a plea of guilty is entered or after a finding of guilty by a Judge, Magistrate or Jury.  This is when the Judge or Magistrate decides what punishment the defendant will be given. Before deciding the punishment, the Judge or Magistrate may have a report prepared by the Probation Department and a Sentencing Hearing will be set at a later date.  It is the defendant’s responsibility to report to the probation department which is located at 303 W. Colfax Avenue on the 8th floor.

Sentencing occurs immediately if the defendant is found guilty after a Final Hearing.

Sentences in traffic related cases could include fines and costs, defensive driving classes, or useful public service.  More serious violations could result in probation or jail time.  Please note:

  • Fines and costs are due immediately upon sentencing.
  • Defensive driving classes must be completed before the deadline given at the time of sentencing.  The defendant must bring proof of completion to the Clerk’s Office.  The Clerk’s Office at 1437 Bannock Street is in Room 135.  The Clerk’s Office in the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse at 520 W. Colfax Avenue is in Room 160.
  • Useful public service must be completed before the deadline given at the time of sentencing.  The defendant must speak to a Collection Investigator to get set up to do useful public service.  Collection Investigators are located in Room 145 of the City and County Building at 1437 Bannock Street, and Room 160 of the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse at 520 W. Colfax Avenue.  The defendant must bring proof of completion back to the Collection Investigators by the due date.
  • If placed on probation, the defendant will need to follow all the terms and conditions as outlined by their probation officer.