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Filing a Protection Order

This section tells you how to use the Court to protect yourself and your family from abuse and harassment.

This section explains

  • Different types of Protection Orders,
  • Eligibility requirements, and
  • Steps to take to obtain a Protection Order


Domestic Protection Order  “Domestic abuse” means any act or threatened act of violence that is committed by a person against another person who is currently or was formerly related, or is living or has lived in the same home, or is involved or has been involved in an intimate relationship.  For detailed filing information click HERE.

Elder or At Risk-Adult Protection Order  “Abuse of the elderly or of an at-risk adult” means mistreatment of a person who is sixty years of age or older or who is an at-risk adult as defined by Colorado law.  For detailed filing information click HERE.

365 Protection Order  Protects individuals other than those listed in Domestic or Elder or At Risk-Adult Protection Orders.  For detailed filing information click HERE.