Denver County Court


Under certain circumstances, the Court will require a restrained party to relinquish any firearms and ammunition in the restrained party’s immediate possession or control; or firearms and ammunition that may be subjected to their immediate possession or control.

Pursuant to the requirements of C.R.S. §13-14-105.5(2)(a), the relinquishment of firearms and ammunition must occur within a very narrow, specified time frame.  Firearms and ammunition can only be relinquished to certain parties such as law enforcement, a federally licensed firearms dealer, and private parties who may legally possess the firearm and/or ammunition.  Please note, that the law does not require any of these parties to purchase, accept or provide storage for the firearm(s) or ammunition.  Additionally, there are legal requirements that a private party must comply with under the law, including, but not limited to, the performance of a criminal background check.

It is highly encouraged that you seek legal advice regarding how to comply with  
the order to relinquish firearms and/or ammunition.

While the court does not recommend or endorse any specific individual, agency or organization for providing services to ensure compliance with the relinquishment requirement(s); the court is aware that an individual may elect to have the Denver Police Department store their firearm(s).  You may read about the firearm storage service provided by the Denver Police Department by clicking here.

Please be aware that the Denver Police Department will only accept firearms for storage and will not accept ammunition for storage.