Denver County Court

P/R (Personal Recognizance) Bond

A Personal Recognizance bond is a promise made by a person to appear in court without money or other collateral being held by the court.  Although a P/R bond will have a dollar amount associated with it, the person does not have to pay money to the court in order to be released from jail.  However, should the person fail to appear at their court appearances, they will then be liable for the dollar amount that the court associated with the P/R bond.

  • For example:  You are in jail and ask the Judge to grant you a P/R Bond.  The Judge reviews your case and agrees that it is appropriate in your circumstances.  The Judge tells you that you have a $500 P/R bond.  You do not give any money to the court to hold as a promise for your appearance.  Shortly after you appear before the Judge, the Sheriff releases you from jail with paperwork reminding you of your next court date.