Denver County Court

Reporting Requirements

Your Probation Officer will monitor all of your conditions of probation and will provide you with a Reporting Requirements document at your initial probation appointment, called the “first visit.” You must follow the reporting expectations. If you have scheduled appointments, you must be on time and keep all appointments. If you find that you need to change your appointment, you must speak directly to your assigned Probation Officer. Requests made in advance will be accommodated whenever possible if you have an emergency or illness that prevents you from making your appointment. Excessive requests to change appointments may be denied and/or considered as non-compliant with your probation sentence and could have negative consequences regarding your probation status.

Failing to report as instructed is a serious violation of your probation. If your Probation Officer is unable to ascertain your level of compliance, address positive and negative behavior, and assist you in successfully completing your probation, you will receive sanctions and/or be ordered into court to address your violations, which could result in a jail sentence.

If you need to contact your probation officer or probation department please send an email to or call 720-913-8300.