Denver County Court

Rights and Responsibilities

Your rights as a client of probation are:

  1. To be treated in a respectful and professional manner by staff;
  2. To be able to ask questions about your case and receive accurate and clear answers;
  3. To be informed about any changes to the status of your case;
  4. To have your case information kept confidential and only be shared with appropriate court personnel or law enforcement agency;
  5. To be seen in a timely manner and to privacy during your appointments.

Your responsibilities as a client of probation are:

  1. You are expected to treat staff in a courteous manner;
  2. You are expected to truthfully answer all questions and provide all information required to process and update your case;
  3. You are expected to be on time for all your scheduled appointments and to notify the office if you are going to be late or unable to attend as scheduled;
  4. You are expected to pay court fines, costs, and fees for services in a timely manner.