Denver County Court

What Happens After Transcript Completion

You will be notified when the transcript is completed. If you did not pay for a copy of the transcript, you can come to the County Court to review the transcript. You have 14 days from the date of completion to file objections to the record. If you file objections to the record, a hearing will be held in County Court for the Judge to decide if the record should changed. If the County Court does not receive any objections to the record within 14 days, the record will be filed with the District Court.

Once the District Court receives the record from County Court, you have 21 days to file a written brief with the District Court. The written brief should explain any alleged errors you feel happened in County Court and outline arguments to support your appeal. You must serve the opposing party with a copy of your written brief.

The opposing party may file an answer brief within 21 days after you serve them a copy of the written opening brief.  They must also serve you with a copy of the answer brief.

Once all of the time frames have passed for filing briefs, the District Court will review the case file and transcript. There is no hearing in District Court for you to present your issues regarding your appeal. The District Court will enter a written ruling and you and the opposing party will receive a copy of the written ruling. It could take District Court some time to rule on your appeal, so you must be patient.