Denver County Court

Why is a Transcript Necessary

An appeal is NOT a new trial. Therefore, in order for the District Court to review what happened during the County Court trial or hearing, a written transcript of the proceeding must be created.

In Supreme Court Chief Justice Directive 05-03   , Section IV, Paragraph E, sub-paragraph 2(b) it states, “Copies of tapes or CD’s shall not be used as the official record for purposes of appeal, motion or other court proceedings. Only signed and certified transcripts by reporters or other authorized transcriptionists shall be used as the official records of court proceedings.” Pursuant to 13-6-410 C.R.S., the requirements of a Small Claims Appeal Transcript varies from those of other case types.

The standard rate for transcripts is $3.00 per page. Copies of transcripts are $.75 per page.  These fees cannot be waived.