Denver County Court

Sobriety Court – DUI Treatment Court

The Denver County Sobriety Court began operation in 2011 as an alternative to traditional methods of disposition for repeat DUI offenders. The program identifies, assesses, and provides intensive treatment and supervision to participants. It is not probation in the traditional sense; it is a treatment program that models the Ten Guiding Principles of DWI Courts (applied to Colorado DUI Courts). The program allows participants the opportunity to learn about addiction, themselves, and how to live a sober life. This results in better, more productive lives for the participant and those around them.

The mission of the Denver County Sobriety Court is to provide an effective, efficient, judicially supervised, accountable, systemic process to address addiction, offender success, and recovery.

Sobriety Court is a State accredited, treatment court serving individuals with second and third DUIs in Denver County. It was developed to reduce the recidivism of drunk driving in the city and county of Denver. The Denver County Sobriety Court targets adult (18+) misdemeanants charged with repeat impaired driving offenses. The program is designed for individuals who need a structured intensive program and have a willingness to receive treatment for substance misuse. Individuals have alcohol and other substance use, misuse, and addiction issues. This program is voluntary and eligibility for the program is based on legal and clinical screening. It consists of five phases and is approximately 14-24 months in length.

To learn more about the program the Sobriety Court Participant Handbook can be viewed here.