Denver County Court

Juvenile Probation

If you plead or are found guilty of a crime, the Judge may sentence you to probation for a specific amount of time. There is a probation fee of $150 that will be required. If the probation is supervised, you will need to follow the direction of your assigned probation officer.

County Court probation officers are familiar with juvenile treatment providers and they work closely with agencies to get the best treatment options for you. If you do not comply with the requirements of your sentence, your probation officer will request a Show Cause Hearing to determine if your probation should be revoked. If your probation is revoked, you could be sentenced to spend time (up to 48 hours) in a juvenile detention facility, per Section 34-17(b) of the Denver Revised Municipal Code (D.R.M.C.).

Your probation may also be supervised by an outside agency contracted to provide probation services for the court.